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Storme says, "I have shown everyone the front page they love it! I love Chip in the corner! This is great!"

Lorraine says about her new site, "Looks great! Love the coloring!"

Chris B. likes her new site, Orlando Safari Vacation House. "The flamingo and the giraffe peeking up from the bottom are so cute! It's great how easy it is for us to make our own changes to the web site like, adding add photos and links."

Steve comments about his site, "Occupancy is very good. The website helped with the quality of tenants."

Bobby commented about an addition to his web site, "You've outdone yourself again and I love the interface."

Chantell talks about her Manila site at the Clubhause...

"I love having the control myself. Anybody can do this. If you have the ability to learn something new, anybody can do this!"

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I'm a web-master by trade. I've worked for an organization recognized by newspapers around the world as a microcomputer systems administrator and software specialist since the late 80's. (I have to buy extra long business cards to carry that crazy title.) I created my first public commercial web pages in May of 1995.

Before that, I've been a professional in the computer industry since 1986, right about the time Apple Computer started shipping the first LaserWriter Printers. Since those crude web pages created 1995 with SimpleText, I've created and manage what Google tells us today (July ' 05) is over 80,000 web pages for this one entity under two domain names.

This amount of content simply can't be inexpensively managed with a small staff without automated software. We needed something very powerful yet affordable. With only one full-time employee, me, we were getting desperate for a solution. I found Userland Frontier which grew into what is now call Manila. Userland pioneered both 'Edit this Page' technology and RSS. And somewhat like that electric razor guy, I liked the company and believed in their product, craftsmanship and technology so much that I bought the company. Well, I didn't buy them out, but I started my own company based around helping others discover that they could 'Edit this Page' and create their own websites without expensive web-masters. And the Clubhause was born.

In so many cases, websites of all types are funneled through a single person. Multiple people or the manager/owner/CEO of a smaller company dictates what goes on the web site to a tech person who might work inside the company or often an outside consultant/designer. Delays in moving information to the web site are common and often costly. Good webmasters rarely come cheap and usually are very busy. (Why, because they have lots of people requesting to have their web sites updated.) It's a shame that control of web sites have to be funneled through this type of a gate keeper process. The Internet moves way to fast for this to be an efficient business process.

At last, with a Manila site at the Clubhause, you CAN have that control yourself. Your company can now move at the speed of the Internet. You make the changes on YOUR schedule. You add information on YOUR schedule. You'll have full control through an easy to use interface similar to MS Word where you can add stories, photos, graphics, movies, pdf's, excel files and more to your web site.

Your Clubhause website will have all the bells and whistles.

Compare this list of the 16 top features with any other website offers.

  • Breakthrough in Design Control let's you control all design aspects of your site at anytime without affecting the underlying content
  • New in July '05 - Announcing support for multiple templates
  • New in July '05 - Protection from mistakes with version control allowing you to flip-back your site to a previous version
  • New in July '05 - Anti-Spam controls with email confirmation and easier to manage Comment/TrackBack deletion
  • New in July '05 - Anti-Spam Syndication Removal of the author element. This prevents spammers from harvesting email addresses from RSS feeds. Added support for dc:creator element which allows the writers name.
  • New in July '05 - Easily delete Comment Spam.
  • New in July '05 - Enclosures make it easy to Podcast
  • Breakthrough browser based editing so that creating, editing and working with others is fast and easy
  • Amazing ability to post to your web site simply by sending an email from your cell phone
  • Protection for you and your community members with the "Secret Web Mail Form"
  • Instantly syndicate your news to hundreds or thousands of other web sites with built in RSS and podcasting support
  • Breakthrough technology interfaces with Flickr where you can batch upload photos, manage them and post them to your web site.
  • Your Readers will love the text-only version of your web site when they go to print and you'll love that it was created automatically.
  • At last you'll be able to build a strong, full-featured community website without spending a lot of cash.
  • Amazing Static Rendering Technology can FTP your clubchuase site to your existing server.
  • Gather news and information from other web sites and have it updated automatically

Nothing adds up to the ease, power, price and flexibility that you'll find with a Clubhause website.

That's why you'll find this software in use at many large companies such as:

  • Sports Illustrated
  • Mac Publishing, L.L.C.
  • Wells Fargo
  • Motorola
  • Daimler Chrysler
  • Verizon
  • Intel
  • Apple
  • BBC
  • Ernst & Young
  • Washington Post
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Wall Street Journal
  • QualComm
  • Hewlett Packard
  • DuPont
  • Harvard University
  • Oxford University
  • United States Court of Appeals-Second Circuit
  • Columbia University

These companies have spent thousands of dollars developing their web site. You'll have the same capability that they have for as little as $4.95 a month!

Click and Create your own site Right Now! And it's free for 30 days.

Websites, blogs, it's all about control.

At last there is a soltion that gives you the control you crave with the ease of use that you'll find in modern blog soltions.

One-click editing
"Edit-This-Page" technology allows for fast easy editing. You'll not wate time with converting documents to text file and then fussing with ftp programs and complicated directory structures. Simply click "Edit-This-Page" and start typing. If you can type a letter in MS-Word, you can be the webmaster of your site.

Access Control
At last you can limit access to messages of all types - news items, pictures and stories, you decide WHO gets to see an item and WHEN they can see that item. You can create a pre-release announcment (ie Check this space Monday at 3:15pm for an exciting announcement!) and have your Clubhause site automatically remove that item at anytime and post a new item. You can even hide you site entirely from the public, allowing in only your select friends or family.

Breakthrough in Design Control
Free sites often limit you to a choice of a few templates and that's it. Your site looks like every other blog site. Anyone visiting your site knows just by looking at it, what technology you are using. Your Clubhause site is just like a "real hard coded HTML web site" and is fully customizable with no ads or blogger bar at the top. You control all design aspects of your site without affecting the underlying content.

How much would it cost to have that high paid webmaster change something simple like an address or a phone number across hundreds of web pages? It could take hours and cost thousands of dollars but with a Clubahuse site you'll use templtes and making small changes will instantly reflect across every page in your web site. You'll also love the ability to create multiple templates so that each department, section or division of your company can have it's own look.

Content-Only Template
The truth is it used to be costly to keep required alternate versions of your web site up to date and accurate. Text-only versions are often required by agencies for access by those with reading difficulties. I frequently look for that print friendly button when I want to print a web page and not have all the supporting graphics wasting my paper. With a clubhause web site, your text only pages are automatically created and a simle link added to yor template makes every page in your site accessabile and print friendly. And you control completely the temple.

Spam Protection
Your Clubhause web site will protect you and your site members from spam. A "Secret eMail Webform" is automatically craeted for each member and this web paeg alloes anyone to send type in a message and send it to you but they will never learn your email address. Spambots, automated programs, which troll Internet looking for email addresses in web pages will never find your hidden email address.

Use the built in discussion group and forums ot build and service a community. You'll have the ability to send members email bulletins in html format, create a survey, and collect member information.

Automatic Archives
It is just silly how some blogs are simply one very long page containing perhaps a whole year of posts. They seem to scroll forever. Turn on your clubhause Calendar Navigation and archive pages are automatically created and saved by date. Click the date in the calendar to go back in time to see items posted on that date. You control how many items are shown on the front page.

RSS Syndication
It's amazing that RSS feeds are automatically created allowed subscribers to pull your contenet into their RSS readers and web pages. Image, your new web site posts automatically being fed to perhaps hundreds or thousands of other web sites and desktops and you don't have to do anything extra to make it happen. The things you can do with RSS on your site is simply amazing! Post an audio mp3 recording to your Clubhuase site and you have become a podcaster

eMail to Blog
You will love being on the road, away from your desk and being able to update your website from your laptop or cell phone by simply sending an email to your web site.

Your clubhause site can carry your custom domain name or can be setup to send it's web pages to your web server. A Clubhause site can seamlessly integrated with your existing web presence without the need to transfer your existing content.

Web Site Statistics
What's a web site without some statistics? You want to know which stories are getting read, what web sites are referring readers to your site, who has joined your memebrship, and how many hits you are getting on an hourly basis. Trackback directs you to web pages that reference your site and link back to you. Your clubhuase site keeps track of this information and it's available to every managing editor.

You'll find a large and powerful set of macros available to site designers. These hidden commands will take your site to new levels. Clubhause supports manila plug-ins including MetaData which gives you access to the power of having a relational database integrated with your web site.

and more:
Your Clubhause site is standards-based and can also integrate information from diverse sources through COM, ODBC, HTTP, XML-RPC, and SOAP. With Manila and Clubhause, the possibilities are almost endless. You can maximize the impact and effectiveness of your Manila sites using CSS, JavaScript, and custom templates and navigation. You can even use tools developed for other less powerful blog environments!

Options for your clubhause site include unlimited pop email and webmail accounts with your custom domain.

I've made a lot of web pages and there is not a faster, easier environmemnt in which to create information for the Internet. From simple blogs, to corporate websites and now Podcasters, you can do it all with ease and style at the Clubhause.

Don't wait, take a test drive! Create your own site free for 30 days.

We have lots of templates to get off to a good start. And online tutorials are available so you can learn the in's and out's of operating your new Clubhause site quickly and easily!

And you can CONTACT US anytime.

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